1st Private Jet Sale in Japan by Airbus

The first sale of a Private Jet by Airbus to a Japanese Client has been made in March 2012. This marks a historic event in aviation as there are relatively few corporate jets in Japan considering the fact that it is such an economic powerhouse. This sale will undoubtedly widen Airbus’s presence in the Asia-Pacific market which is growing more and more widespread.

Private or Corporate jets can be found in many area of the world and it is surprising given Japanese economics power that they are so few and far-in-between there. That may change soon however, thanks to the construction of a private jet dedicated terminal in Tokyo, the Premier Gate Narita.

Including this latest Japanese order, Airbus have had over 170 orders of private jets since they first started making them in mid 1980′s. Airbus is the only Private Jet manufacturer who can proudly claim to have their private jets flying in every continents.

airbus private jet

Airbus made their first sales of Private Jets in Japan