2 Dauphin AS365 N3+ bought by All Nippon Helicopter

All Nippon Helicopter of Japan placed an order for 2 brand new AS365 N3+ Dauphin helicopter with the Japanese Branch of Eurocopter. The two helicopters will replace two aging rotary wing aircraft currently in used by NHK, the Japanese national broadcaster, and will be used in news gathering missions.

ANH is the subcontractor for NHK in its aerial news gathering mission. Their fleet consists of 12 Eurocopter helicopters, six of them are AS365 N2 and the other six EC135 T2. THe two new helicopters recently ordered will be delivered in 2013 and 2014.

Unlike other places in the world, Japan has one of the biggest market for electric news gathering. Because of this, Japanese broadcaster is much more likely to buy their own helicopter than broadcasters in other countries. For this reason, a lot of aerial surveillance and in-flight broadcasting has been developed in Japan and only available there.

AS365 n3

AS365 N3+ bought by All Nippon Helicopter