Boeing Business Jets delivers to Nanshan Jet

In December 2011 Boeing Business JetsĀ  finished their fiscal year on a strong note with their delivery of a Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) to China’s Nanshan Jet.

The delivery was completed when officials from Nanshan Jet received the airplane from Boeing at their Delivery Center in Seattle. This BBJ will be the first plane totally operated by Nanshan themselves and not by Air China.

The BBJ was delivered by Boeing totally “green”, that is without any custom paints both externally or internally. This is so that Boeing’s customer – Nanshan Jet in this case – can do their own customization. The same is true for the interior, it is absolutely and deliberately undone and will be retrofitted by BizJet International in Tulsa. Nanshan have said the aircraft will be configured for 28 passengers.

This delivery will bring the number of Boeing Business Jets’ delivery in 2011 to seven and three of them are in China. Boeing Business Jets also stated that they expect 2012 to be an equally good if not better year.


Boeing Business Jets