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Malaysian Office Open for Sikorsky

Sikorsky Helicopter announced earlier last year that they will be opening an office in Malaysia, further strengthening their presence in Asia.

Sikorsky made this announcement at around the same time they are putting their newest helicopter, the S-92 Legacy of Heroes, a helicopter designed for natural disaster and other humanitarian services amongst other role, on a tour around Asia. This tour lasted two weeks and the S-93 also made an appearance at the LIMA Air Show in Malaysia.

s 92

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Diamond Aircraft Sales Up 33%

Earlier last year, Diamond Aircraft posted report which states their their sales number have increased as much as 33% which shows a continual positive trend for the bright company and is a good sign for future growth. They delivered 185 aircraft as opposed to 139 the year before. Diamond jets attribute their success to the launch of many new aircraft including the DA42-L360, DA20, G500, DA40 Tundra, and DA42NG. Diamond Aircraft airplanes are flown in almost every parts of the world.

diamond aircraft


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10 Beechcraft King Air Turboprop Sold

In late of March, 10 Beechcraft Corporation announced that they sold 10 of their offering, the Beechcraft King Air Turboprob to Avion Pacific Limited, a Chinese aviation company. This business transaction was conducted at the recent Asian Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (ABACE) which was held in Shanghai and the deal amounted to around $50 million. The newly purchased aircrafts will be put to use in a variety of ways including executive shuttling, training, aerial mapping among others. The airplanes are expected to be delivered in the the last quarter of this year.


Beechcraft King Air

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Bombardier Training Center Sprout in Asia-Pacific

A new Bombardier Training Center is announced to be open in the Asia-Pacific region. The new training center will be another addition to Bombardier’s growing list of Authorized Training Provider (ATP) which provides training for the Global 5000, Global Express, and Global Express XRS private jets. The new training center will incorporate a Level D Full-Flight Simulator and CAE training program which will significant improve pilot and maintenance program within the region.

This new training center will begin operations in 2013 and will be operated by CAE with whom Bombardier have had successful partnerships in the past. The exact location will be announced at a later date.

Bombardier is making heavy in-roads into the Asia-Pacific region and have recently opened a Regional Support Office in Singapore.


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1st Private Jet Sale in Japan by Airbus

The first sale of a Private Jet by Airbus to a Japanese Client has been made in March 2012. This marks a historic event in aviation as there are relatively few corporate jets in Japan considering the fact that it is such an economic powerhouse. This sale will undoubtedly widen Airbus’s presence in the Asia-Pacific market which is growing more and more widespread.

Private or Corporate jets can be found in many area of the world and it is surprising given Japanese economics power that they are so few and far-in-between there. That may change soon however, thanks to the construction of a private jet dedicated terminal in Tokyo, the Premier Gate Narita.

Including this latest Japanese order, Airbus have had over 170 orders of private jets since they first started making them in mid 1980′s. Airbus is the only Private Jet manufacturer who can proudly claim to have their private jets flying in every continents.

airbus private jet

Airbus made their first sales of Private Jets in Japan

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Xian Aircraft Company Delivers to MRK

Xian Aircraft Company fulfilled their order from MRK Airlines of Ukrane. The order was for three of Xian Aircraft’s passenger turbo-prop, the MA-60. This marks the first order for the Chinese company from a European client. MRK Airline will put the airplane to use in their air chartering division along with two Saab-340 which are already in their possession. Xian Aircraft also have orders from Polar Airlines and will be making deliveries to the airline soon.



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Hawker Beechcraft King Air C90GTx Ordered By Aviation Colleges

Hawker Beechcraft Corporation received orders for three of their King Air C90GTx from two Chinese Aviation colleges. The two buyers are Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) who purchased two and Tianxiang Aviation College who put in one order. The three aircraft will be be used to train multi-engine airplane pilot, which is growing in demand. The delivery of the King Airs will be within this year.


Hawker Beechcraft King Air C00GTx

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Bombadier Business Aircraft Makes Headways Into Asia-Pacific

Bombadier Business Aircraft made an announcement in October of 2011 that they have strengthened their sales team in order to cater to the growing demand and market of Asia Pacific. The new team will be solely focusing on the region and will be overseen by a vice-president and a two regional vice-presidents. The vice-president will be the newly promoted Christopher Degoumois and the Michael Han will join in as the second regional vp.

Bombardier Global NetJets family

Bombadier Business Aircraft

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Cessna Corvalis TTX Launched

Cessna Corvalis TTX was launched in March 2011 which will carry on the Covalis line’s legacy as being the world’s faster fixed gear, single engine piston aircraft with a maximum cruise speed of 435 km/h. The Cessna Corvalis TTX also boasts a range of up to 2,315 km. The powerhouse of the airplane is the Continental TSIO-550-C six-cylinders, fuel-injection, twin-turbo engine with two inter-coolers. The aircraft will include a five year labor and parts warranty.

The Cessna Corvalis TTX will incorporate the Intrizic flight decked powered by Garmin G2000. Being the first touch screen cockpit developed by Cessna, the Intrizic is the latest technological achievement in terms of human-factor engineering and ergonomics. The glass cockpit of the Cessna Corvalis TTX will be a new stepping stone in making flying simpler and much more enjoyable.

On the interior, the Cessna Corvalis TTX will have four new paint scheme available to prospective buyers. They are: Stealth, Tranquility, Classic, and Twilight. All scheme will include Citation-Grade leather. As per popular customer’s request, the Corvalis will also be able to fly with its two back passenger seat removed so as to increase storage capacity. On the exterior, two new color schemes are made available and will incorporate DuPont Clearcoat application. No decals will be used.

The Cessna Corvalis TTX will begin its delivery in 2012.



Cessna Corvalis TTXCessna Corvalis TTX Cockpit

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Aerion Supersonic Business Jet Seek New Airframer

Aerion, the Supersonic Business Jet maker is now on a lookout for a manufacturer to build its 8-12 passenger twinjet supersonic business that would be capable of Mach 1.6. At the same time, the company based in Reno also plans make revenue while also contributing to better flight efficiency of conventional sub-sonic flights.

Aerion will be employing Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) optimised design in their aircraft. As a result, their jets will look drastically different from prevalent jets seen today. Whereas today’s airplanes with predominant wing sweep design limits the amount of NLF, Aerion’s plane design will incorporate wings with much less of a sweep and much thinner.

The earliest adopter of NLF design is probably Cessna with their CJ series. Piaggio also incorporate the design in their Avanti turboprops. Honda and Dassault are also working hard to incorporate NLF into their fleet.

aerion supersonic business jet 1024x546

Aerion Supersonic Business Jet Concept

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