Falcon 2000S Introduced by Dassault

In the middle of May of last year, the Falcon 2000S has been launched by Dassault, which will make it a highly anticipated addition to the world of business jet. This super mid-sized business jet will become the class leader in terms of payload, range, performance, as well as efficiency. Among its many impressive feature list will be: inboard slats, blended winglets capable of high-mach, a complete new and low emissions PW308C engine as well as mouth-watering interior completely designed by BMW Group’s DesignworksUSA. In terms of the cockpit, the entire system has been redesigned for improved aesthetics incorporating the EASy II flight deck. The range is claimed to be 6,204 km and its maximum take off weight is 18,597 kg. Fully fueled, the Falcon 2000S will be largest payload carrying aircraft of its class at 819kg. Dassault expects certification processes to be completed at the end of 2012 therefore we should be seeing the first commercial Falcon 2000S by early 2013.

falcon 2000s

Falcon 2000S by Dassault