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UPS Gets New Boeings

Boeing delivered their 50th 767-300 to UPS (United Postal Service), the shipping and mailing company who makes the most use of Boeing jets. Using these airplane, UPS is able to make deliveries in 200 countries around the world. The Boeing 767-300′s will be modified from the passenger configuration to one in which will be able to carry as much as 58 tons of cargo. To date, the 767-300 has been able to keep on schedule on 98% of flights. Other than these 767-300, UPS also has in their fleet 9 other 767′s, 75 Boeing 757-200′s, and 9 other 747-400′s.

UPS Boeing 767 300 56461

UPS's Boeing 767-300

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Boeing Business Jets delivers to Nanshan Jet

In December 2011 Boeing Business JetsĀ  finished their fiscal year on a strong note with their delivery of a Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) to China’s Nanshan Jet.

The delivery was completed when officials from Nanshan Jet received the airplane from Boeing at their Delivery Center in Seattle. This BBJ will be the first plane totally operated by Nanshan themselves and not by Air China.

The BBJ was delivered by Boeing totally “green”, that is without any custom paints both externally or internally. This is so that Boeing’s customer – Nanshan Jet in this case – can do their own customization. The same is true for the interior, it is absolutely and deliberately undone and will be retrofitted by BizJet International in Tulsa. Nanshan have said the aircraft will be configured for 28 passengers.

This delivery will bring the number of Boeing Business Jets’ delivery in 2011 to seven and three of them are in China. Boeing Business Jets also stated that they expect 2012 to be an equally good if not better year.


Boeing Business Jets

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Boeing 737 MAX News

Boeing recently made some announcements regarding their much anticipated Boeing 737 MAX. The announcement include news regarding component placements decision of the B737 MAX which the company claims will help propel the airplane to become one of the greatest aircraft ever built. The components that will be improved includes:

- The overall aerodynamics around the back of the fuselage will be greatly improved therefore the need for a vortex generator will be eliminated.

- The choice of engines has finally been decided – Boeing will be entrusting the CFM International and their Leap-1B engine for the B737 MAX.

- Flight control systems will be Fly-By-Wire.

- Bleed Air system will be incorporated.

Other systems and components are being tested. Boeing says they will keep testing and optimizing the Boeing 737 Max well into 2013.


Boeing 737 MAX

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Boeing’s 1,000th 777 Jet!

Boeing has just recently completed the construction of it’s 1,000th 777. This monumental moment came 19 years after it’s first 777 was rolled out 19 years ago. To be more specific, the 1,000th 777 is the 300 ER model which will serve as the 102nd Boeing 777 in the Air Emirate fleet. The official hand over was completed in March. The Boeing 777 isĀ  the 8th iteration of the Boeing Jet Airplanes. Boeing predicts sales of the 777 to reach 2,000 in the near future.

boeing factory

Boeing Factory

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